In-House Logistics

In-House Logistics

In-house or in-plant logistics have become an essential ingredient in lean manufacturing – integrating production processes with the external supply chain. With deep expertise in the efficient flow of goods, FULK brings extra value to the process.

Our in-plant professionals can identify your pain points and then tailor logistics solutions to integrate with our global network while maintaining the highest levels of quality and just-in-time replenishment. That’s why major auto manufacturers entrust us with their Just-in-time (JIT)-critical processes.

Sorting and consolidating products at transloading and cross-docking warehouses and then shipping straight to customers removes the costs and delays associated with warehouse storage. Successful transloading and cross-docking relies on excellent communications between all involved parties. With the network, the practical experience, and the industry expertise – together with a robust IT communications infrastructure – we can design and deliver best-in-industry transloading and cross-docking solutions for you.

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